Expertized one-stop LED light engine solution provider

Demo intelligent lighting solutions Photoelectric Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises specializing in the development of high efficiency LED lighting engines. DEMO has a high reputation in the high-power intelligent optical engine products in China and abroad. DEMO can provide full ranges of industrial-grade intelligent solutions to high-power LED lighting.

Driver-on-Board AC LED Light modules with linear solutions can be widely used for various types of LED outdoor lights & led modular lighting. Demo’s DOB AC light engines are designed to produce high quality luminaires with high luminous efficiency, high power factor, low THD and reasonable price.

Demo’s goal is to provide customers with high dependability light engines with continuous technology development.

Solar lighting system are widely used for its cost saving and environmental friendly advantages. With unique technological background, Demo’s solar LED modules can integrate the photovoltaic power system into the LED lighting system and realize intelligent control in the lighting performance such as cascaded power-descending with different brightness presentation for different time period. With customized timing design, the solar lights can accurately realize the customized brightness with customized time point.

Demo’s solar light engines & led lamp module with its solar controller are designed to produce high performance intelligent control light source for various solar lighting system.

Low-voltage AC LED modules can be used for those lights with low AC input voltage like AC 24V or AC 36V. These lights are used for special applications such as underwater lights, and underground lights or surroundings with low voltage AC powersupply. Demo’s goal is to design and supply high performance light-source with reasonable prices.

To handle lighting solutions like AC 24V or AC 36V, Demo offers customize designs and manufacturing service to meet requirements from different applications.