What Is The Three-gift Rule For Christmas?

When Jesus Christ was born, a bright star appeared in the sky. Following the star, three wise men from the east brought gifts for the infant Jesus. Gold, frankincense and myrrh. If you cannot think about what Christmas gifts you should buy for your loved ones, consider following this amazing 3-gift rule for Christmas. It will surely solve your problem. What’s the rule? No, no! Don't worry. You don't need to buy expensive gifts like the three wise men. You can follow the need-want-wear rule. It will make selecting gifts easy for you. Buy something they need, something they want and something for them to wear. It is as simple as that. So, ‌here are some unique Christmas gift suggestions for everyone on your list:


Cutting Board

A kitchen cutting board is a perfect Christmas present for someone who loves to cook. It will be a nice Christmas gift as it will help the person cook delicious dishes for you. Perfectly cut vegetables are a must for better cooking! As the golden cooking rule says - ‘Cut it better, to cook it better!’

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is a great Christmas gift for your spouse’s office. A cup of coffee has the power of kicking all the stress out of your body. It is a perfect Christmas present for someone who works hard all day. Don’t think much–buy one immediately. Your spouse will thank you every time they take a sip of coffee.

Glass Cocktail Shaker Set

A top Christmas gift for someone who likes to collect bar items. A glass cocktail shaker set is a significant addition to anyone's bar. Gift it to your favourite person for Christmas this year. Cocktail shakers help to mix all Christmas wishlist the cocktail ingredients well. Cocktail is a cocktail only when it is mixed well. So, order one now and be ready to have some fantastic cocktails.

Shoulder Bag

It is a perfect Christmas gift for someone who commutes a lot. They can carry all the stuff that they require in a beautiful shoulder bag. Don’t think much. It is the best Christmas present you can buy. You can get a customised shoulder bag made with their monogram carved on it. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Sleep Aid Device

If you truly care for someone, a sleep aid device is the best Christmas gift you can buy for them. After a long hectic day, all we human beings need is a long night of good sleep. Sleep Aid Device helps fall asleep soon. It also enhances the quality of sleep. It is the perfect Christmas present for someone who works really hard.


Timber Whiskey Barrel

A Timber Whiskey barrel is a unique Christmas gift. Anyone who loves to accumulate bar collectables will love to receive such an amazing Christmas gift. It makes making drinks a lot easier and the setup even more beautiful. Just open the tap, and the drink is ready. It is surely a top Christmas present. Also, it makes the bar look even more attractive.

A Pair of Wineglasses

Wine lovers are always in search of perfect wine glasses. If you know someone like this, a pair of wine glasses would be the best Christmas gift you can buy for them. Having wine in a perfectly shaped wine glass is a unique experience altogether. Buy a pair of wine glasses and make their wine experience special.


A smartwatch is a perfect Christmas gift in today’s world of gadgets. A smartwatch makes life a lot easier in today’s complicated world. Answering or rejecting a call, playing some amazing music, reading messages and emails–all can be done on a smartwatch.

Beer Cooling Pint

A top Christmas present for beer lovers. A warm beer is a big no-no. Beer cooling pint is the solution. It keeps your beer chilled for a longer time than your usual beer glasses. It is a must-have object for people who love their beers right out of the refrigerator.


A pen is undoubtedly the best Christmas gift for someone who loves writing. Gift him a nice, beautiful pen. Good, expensive pens enhance personality. Mont Blanc, Troika, Parker are some of the best brands you can consider. Who knows – he might become the next Pulitzer-winning writer?



A beautiful shirt would be a good Christmas gift. A simple yet special Christmas present idea. There are thousands of colours to choose from and thousands of patterns. Choose something he would rarely choose for himself. Experiment is the key to an exciting life, right?


A pair of elegant cufflinks is a great Christmas gift for someone who loves dressing up. Cufflinks enhance the beauty of the suit a person is wearing. You can choose from several designs that are available. Make it more special by getting customised cufflinks made. It is surely a unique Christmas gift.


Well, to celebrate Christmas comfortably, one needs to be warm to cope with the snow outside. A nice jacket is, therefore, a perfect Christmas gift. It will help them keep warm during this cold winter season. A very thoughtful Christmas gift indeed.

Winter Cap

Another thoughtful Christmas gift! A winter cap is a must while going out during Christmas. It would be best to give one to each of your family members. You can also buy a special Christmas-themed winter cap for the kids. It would be a unique Christmas gift for sure.

A Pair of Shoes

Shoes are the best last-minute Christmas gift. Choosing shoes is not a challenge either. Just decide what the purpose of the shoes will be and select accordingly. If it is for the office, buy a nice pair of formal shoes. If it is for fitness, go for some trendy sports shoes. It is surely a top Christmas present you can think of. Buy a nice pair of socks along with shoes.

If you wish to go more specific on finding the perfect Christmas present. Check our 4 and 5 gift rules for Christmas. Find the most suitable Christmas present with our Christmas gift guide.